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Amy, who played first trumpet in her high school band, practiced four hours a day. After getting braces, practice was unbearable. The braces were pushing against her lip and causing ulcers and bleeding. We actually considered removing the braces. Our Orthodontist heard about a new product on the market, called the Lip Protector. After wearing the Lip Protector, Amy was able to continue playing the trumpet without pain.
-Linda H.
(Nurse Practitioner)

My daughter Kaitlin (age 11) found the Lip Protector a huge help while playing on her local soccer team. She liked the fact that she didn't have to take the Lip Protectors out of her mouth when she wanted to talk or when she needed to drink water during the game.
-Leslie H.

I got my braces at the age of 52. No one told me that adults have more pain from braces than kids. I found myself using wax to try and relieve the pain. I swallowed a ton of wax with my coffee! The wax just wasn't working. A friend told me about the Lip Protector. It saved my sanity.
-Christy S.
(Registered Nurse)